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To be continued...
Hi there and welcome! This website contains information and material regarding to my job and my private activities. It's not finished, yet, so feel free to visit it again in the next time. Anyway, have fun! (And if you can't have fun, have someone else's fun)


08.03.2010 Published the source Code of Robert in the Fire Factory
28.09.2008 eMail address made unrecognizable for harvesters - hopefully.
11.10.2003 Site has moved to new domain.
20.9.2003 New eMail address.
16.5.2001 Atari->Mac Bitmap Font Converter added to Download section.
23.6.2000 Updating some links
30.8.1999 The Dewy Pine Diary (German version only)
15.8.1999 The Vegetarian? section about carnivorous plants
(the English translation of some text is still missing)
17.7.1999 Update of Bombadil (Version 15) on the download page
2.4.1999 New: Atari ST System Font for MacOS on the download page
Introducing the new website structure
12.2.1999 First version of the website

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